Things to think about when drawing up a Fire Risk Assessment:

Identify the fire hazards within your premises (including outdoor premises), for example:

Identify people particularly at risk e.g. vulnerable persons, lone workers, people working in close proximity to fire hazards. Where a young person is employed the assessment must take account of them.

Evaluate the level of risk in your premises. You should remove or reduce any risks you have identified, for example:

As well as reducing the risk of fires occurring you need to maximise the chances of successfully tackling fires should they occur so your fire risk assessment will also inform the consideration of your general fire precautions.

Record the significant findings of your assessment and actions taken. Inform relevant people and provide training and instruction as required. Coordinate with others as required. The assessment must be kept under review and revised where necessary. Where there are 5 or more employees the assessment must be in writing.

Click here for a fire risk assessment checklist
Click here for a template fire risk assessment