Under the Health & Safety at Work Act you must protect the health and safety of everyone involved in arranging and giving a fireworks display (including the spectators and other people near the display site) where the giving of the display is connected to or is part of your work activity. In addition to this, all organisers of displays - whether work based or not - owe a duty of care to everyone involved.

When organising a display you should read appropriate guidance, such as is contained on these pages, and ensure the activity is fully risk assessed. If in doubt, contact your local council or fire service for advice.

On these pages you can find guidance on organising firework displays, the storage of fireworks, the fireworks code and a legislation section. You can also find a further guidance and links section.

The information on these pages is taken from the Health and Safety executive website and guidance links and documents.

Organising firework displays
The storage of fireworks
Firework code
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