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An introduction to risk assessment
A comprehensive document introducing you to the skill of risk assessment. Includes worked examples.
Abigail Cheverst © 2008

General article on Health and Safety by Abigail Cheverst 'A world gone mad' or How a climate of fear and misunderstanding has robbed artists and community workers of a palate of creative and organisational tools.......
A new look at the importance of health and safety for the creative sectors. Published in Arts Professional December 2008
Abigail Cheverst © 2008

Health and Safety at Carnivals
A twelve page document summarising the key health and safety issues for Carnivals.
Abigail Cheverst © 2008

Article on noise at work for the music and entertainment industry by Abigail Cheverst
A look at the unique challenges the Noise at Work Act 2005 places on the music and entertainment industry.
Abigail Cheverst © 2008

Letter to Focus magazine by Abigail Cheverst
Full text of letter written to BBC Focus magazine and published in December issue. Letter responds to previous article decrying Health and Safety.
Abigail Cheverst © 2008

Health and Safety Myths presentation by Abigail Cheverst
An extract from my introduction to Health and Safety powerpoint presentation looking at Health and Safety Myths.
Abigail Cheverst © 2008

Health and Safety key issues sheet by Abigail Cheverst
A short handout looking at Health and Safety key issues for the arts and community sector.
Abigail Cheverst © 2009

Abigail is the author of Voluntary Arts Network's 'Health and Safety at Outdoor Community Events' which can be purchased here. Alternatively, an order form can be downloaded here.

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