Stress at work is a big problem, but together we can successfully manage and prevent it. Well-designed, organised and managed work helps to maintain and promote individual health and well-being, but where there has been insufficient attention to job design, work organisation and management work-related stress can result.

By the term work-related stress we mean the process that arises where work demands of various types and combinations exceed the personís capacity and capability to cope. Many people find pressure and challenge exciting. Stress occurs when these boundaries, and the ability to cope, becomes exceeded.

The HSE has developed a set of Management Standards which cover six key areas of work design that, if not properly managed, are associated with poor health and work related stress. Following the management standards can help manage stress in all types and sizes of organisation.
Look at a copy of the management standards here.

The HSE have also developed an excellent line manager competency tool which functions as a detailed check list in how to support your employees and help reduce their chance of suffering from work related stress.
Look at a copy of the competency tool here.

You can download a copy of Abigail Cheverst's managing stress in the workplace presentation here here.